Ten Graduated Bob Hairstyles

The graduated bob is a trendy hairstyle that has traversed over time but is still a very stylish style. This is a bob that is slightly longer at the front and is stacked with layers in the back. The graduated bob has become a popular hairstyle being appreciated and adored by many celebrities. Besides its stylish and bold look, a graduated bob has several advantages:

  • It is suitable for all ages;
  • It will look amazing with any hair color;
  • It is low maintenance and takes very little time to style;
  • It is suitable for all occasions;
  • It is perfect for all face shapes.

Graduated bob hairstyles have a professional look to it and it will always fit in casual occasions. These ten graduated bob hairstyles are not only awesome but well-loved and popular.

Light Blonde Graduated Blunt Bob

This bob is short and barely touches the nape of the neck with blunt and angled edges. It has a soft middle part and flat iron curls inward to form a beautiful look. The layers and longer front makes it hot and sweet and very attractive.

Messy Voluminous Bob

This one is perfect for naturally wavy or curly hair. It works best with voluminous hair and it has a messy beautiful appearance. If you want to reduce volume, you can make the graduated layers textured and feathered. When the layers are feathered, it gives your look an airy look that brings an alluring appearance.

Side Swept Graduated Long Bob

This bob haircut is long with a length that touches the shoulders. The longer length in front falls on the sides giving your face a wonderful framing effect. This look is perfect for ladies with a round face. It will go with any hair color and will complement your skin tone if you choose the right color.

Lengthy Relaxed Curled Bob

This bob takes on the natural hair form in terms of texture and color. It falls to the edge of the neck at the back and just below the shoulders to the front and sides. The wavy effect makes it look awesome and light and you may choose to add a bit of sweet and sassy by adding some icy blonde highlights.

Long dark Graduated Bob

This bob is long at the front and falls beyond the shoulders with a side cut. It is perfect for young adults and black makes it look classy and professional. The graduated layers add more volume and add glamor to your facial features.

Blunt Graduated Bob with Bangs

This bob has soft beautiful layers and is cut to the nape of the neck and to the chin at the front. The bangs are beautiful and are the length that covers the eyebrows. The bangs can be cut longer on the sides to the start of the cheekbone.

Graduated haircuts always have a better appearance with an ombre and having your layers feathered will give you a glowing effect. Younger ladies opt for graduated layers with bright highlights such as pink or purple.