Beautiful and Super Stylish Bob Haircuts

Bob hairstyles are many and with different looks. They have been known to be flattering, sweet and sexy as well as beautiful and textured. The key to making a bob haircut look beautiful and extremely stylish is knowing which bob hairstyle is best for you. Getting the right bob hairstyle means having a style that accentuates your natural facial features and makes you not only look but also feel beautiful and confident. These bob hairstyles have a reputation for being the most stylish.

Wavy Choppy Bob

This bob is not too short but rather just about the length that barely touches your chin. It is a haircut that has a shorter backside than the sides. A sleek beautiful look comes from a distinct side part. Comb the longer side with hair passing close to the corner of your eye for a more alluring look.

Inward Curve Blunt Bob

This is a shoulder-length bob that has the edges of the hair curved inwards and ta middle part to make it more executive. It looks awesome with red or brown hair color. It is perfect with straight hair and has a nice texture to it. Allow the side strands of hair to whip along your cheeks for a slimming and stylish appearance.

Asymmetrical Sleek Bob

Most of us know this as Rihanna’s signature hairstyle. It makes her look stylish and sexy each time. It is neck length at the back with a side part and one side being slightly longer than the back. The other side which sweeps to cover her eye partly has an angular cut that touches her shoulder from the front. It is perfect for straight hair and looks its best in black hair color.

Medium Wavy/ curly Bob with Bang

This is a stylish bob that works best with naturally wavy or curly hair in medium length. Hair is cut to shoulder length and allowed to take its natural form and texture. Bangs are very stylish and in this case, the bangs are long but swept to the side as soon as they hit the eyebrows. This hairstyle is beautiful and can take a neat shiny look or a messy free look.

Bob haircuts are beautiful but beyond the beauty and style, they have immense benefits such as:

  • They bring a youthful appeal;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Hair is easier to clean thus a neater and cleaner look;
  • The hairstyles bring a more feminine and sexy appeal.

Every woman has a need and the right to look beautiful and super stylish. Any of these bob hairstyles will guarantee that and you get to enjoy the benefits of short hair.