Fabulous Choppy Bob Hairstyles

Choppy hairstyles have been in existence for so long that they have evolved and they have become more versatile with every generation. They are hairstyles of medium length with a laid back attitude. Choppy cuts are layered rather than one length. These hairstyles enhance texture and make your hairstyle more attractive drawing attention to all the right places.

Choppy bob hairstyles come in different hair colors from natural black or brown to blonde to amazing ombre and highlights. On this site, we shall look at a few fabulously stylish choppy bob cuts. However, most stylists, celebrities and public figures suggest links with their latest hairstyles or hairstyles they like and recommend. If you are looking to choose a great hairstyle, learn about as many as possible and pick one that suits you best in terms of:

  • The maintenance level you want;
  • Simplicity and the time you take to style;
  • Lifestyle are you more of a casual or formal person;
  • How well it will fit your facial features, skin tone, and eye color.

Casual Layered Bob

This is one of the styles that you can easily style on the go as it is low maintenance and practically a flash style. Hair is cut to the length of your chin to slightly cover the neck. The choppy layers make it light and gives it movement. It is perfect for every day and you can style it to suit any occasion. It is cheeky and has a sweet twist brought by the different length layers. Check it on the site.

Choppy Light Bob with Waves

This is a haircut that you can play around with in terms of styling. You can choose for it to be short to barely touch the neck and a middle part. You can also have it a bit longer to chin length with a side part. What makes it distinctive is the soft waves that make the choppy layers light and airy. It looks awesome as a double tone with a light brown color that becomes a lighter shade as it moves towards the edges.

Short Bob with Layers

This bob haircut is very short at the back barely touching the neck and medium on the sides with the front strands being a bit longer with layers beginning from the cheeks. The choppy layers make this haircut super-hot and attractive to ladies with bright hair color such as red. It is easy to style and will give you a great casual or formal look. Look at them by the link.

Choppy A-Line Bob

This haircut is perfect if you have thick hair and enjoy a stacked back bob. It is of medium length that brings out an appearance with extra thickness and texture. It is perfected with beige blonde hair color and if you are looking for a more contemporary look, go for vertical highlights.

Choosing a great haircut is just a step, you will need several options. Checking how compatible it is with your unique facial features is what will determine its success in making you look awesome. You can consider several of these choppy bob haircuts and pick the one that accentuates your facial features best.